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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fiction meaning in tamil is புதினம்

fiction meaning in tamil with example

fiction tamil meaning and more example for fiction will be given in tamil.
A translation of Chemmeen in French is well received by the lovers of fiction among the French readers. It is hardly a remarkable piece of fiction and as Muthammal herself says the book is just a spontaneous recollection of the events that made her life what it is. It was neither a fiction nor a poetry book but the life history of two Gandhians who revolutionised the lives of thousands of farm labourers in Thanjavur and Tiruvarur districts. Stranger than fiction It was stranger than fiction to come face to face with my relatives who were at the bottom echelons of Indian society live in dire poverty. The Irish short fiction writer Frank OConnor once noted that the difference between the short story and the novel is the difference between pure and applied storytelling. The short story is the adaptation of the primitive art of communicating experience by telling a tale. The festival will include a nationallevel competition section featuring documentaries focussing on the theme women frames and short fiction on any theme said the officebearers of the organising committee. I dont know if it is a historical accident or what but there was a great age of Indian fiction writing. This ilk of readers surely needs some elaboration on the niche he has created for himself in fiction literature and the craze generated by his novels. From art and culture to agriculture yoga and philosophy to science and humanities fiction and selfimprovement books or those huge unabridged dictionaries some of us love to display in our showcase... the list is endless.