fervent meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fervent meaning in tamil is உணர்ச்சிப்பூர்வமான

fervent meaning in tamil with example

fervent tamil meaning and more example for fervent will be given in tamil.
Mahalingam said and came out with a fervent appeal to implement the threelanguage formula in the State as the twolanguage formula had deprived people of the opportunity to uphold values of art culture and education manifested in their mother tongue. Minister for Commercial Taxes Konthala Ramakrishna has made a fervent appeal to all political parties to leave unopposed the VisakhapatnamI Assembly seat which fell vacant due to the death of Dronamraju Satyanarayana to the Congress in view of the departed leaders services to the city. New Delhi Relief was writ large on the face of Suhaila on Monday as her fervent appeals for saving her husbands eyes bore fruit. So that after the collapse of the Soviet Union when there was a lot of space to play an independent role in world politics it basically gave all that up and became an avid fervent supporter of the Washington Consensus. Praja Spandana an NGO and Fishermens Youth Welfare Association FYWA have made fervent appeals to the State Government to immediately stop construction of concrete structures on Rama Krishna beach which were coming up in gross violation of the coastal regulation zone CRZ. It is my fervent hope that such works ought to generate new thoughts among sensitive people. Sensitivity is the hallmark of Ranjit who is a photographer and artist as well. Therefore my fervent appeal to all rightthinking Muslims is come together and educate the people about the outstanding features of this great religion. Congress activists made a fervent plea to Maharashtra Governor S.M. Krishna to return to active politics in Karnataka during his private visit to Mysore on Sunday.