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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fertilizer meaning in tamil is உரம், பசளை

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514344 crore for fiscal 200506 is spent on extending subsidies in food fertilizer and petroleum products and the target audience hardly gains out of it. In this method seeds and fertilizer are put into narrow slits created with knifetype furrow openers that plough the land as they sow on the residue. Paswan Union Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers to demand the reopening of the Barauni fertilizer factory in Begusarai district. Paswan said there would be no shortage of fertilizer in any part of the country and quoted recent data for Kerala to show that there was sufficient stock of fertilizers in various States. He said the certificate system for supply of fertilizers followed till recently for payment of subsidies had been done away with from January 1 and fertilizer requirement in each State was being monitored directly from Delhi. The Government had raised subsidy levels to meet rising cost of inputs for fertilizer production he added. 500 denomination note from a fertilizer shop recently the police have investigated into the issue about from where it had originated. Surendran a research associate at the Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry at the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has received the Golden Jubilee Award for Best Doctoral Research in fertilizer usage from the Fertilizer Association of India. He said the Czech companies were interested in setting up Special Economic Zones and power and fertilizer plants in the State. In order to ensure the availability of quality fertilizer and pesticides 474 numbers of fertilizer samples and 456 numbers of pesticides samples had been collected from private and cooperative outlets for analysis during this year.