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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fertility meaning in tamil is வளம்

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Using 36 surplus eggs from women undergoing fertility treatment the Newcastle team created 10 very early stage embryos. Even a woman on birth control pills for some years can later stop them and conceive within a cycle or two... initial contraception does not affect fertility later if the couple is young and healthy she says. Publicity If medical tourism can be promoted for cardiac patients with some publicity abroad couples may also start coming to fertility centres here to make their cherished dreams come true. A citybased farmer Chinthala Venkat Reddy set a record when his innovative model of improving soil fertility without use of fertiliser was recognised by the Patent Cooperation Treaty PCT of the World Intellectual Property Organisation WITO. They can also develop cancers breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men osteoarthritis liver disease reduced fertility and sleep apnoea. We are providing this facility for the first time in southern Kerala said Santhamma Mathew proprietor of the 100bed Credence Hospital Institute for Womens Health and Fertility Research. Halfburnt bamboo sticks and ash are strewn around as it is believed that this increases the fertility of the soil. The halfburnt bamboo sticks and ash are strewn in the paddy fields to increase the fertility of the soil. Rejecting chemical fertilizers hybrid varieties of seeds and pesticides and using cowdung and ganjala urine of cattle and spraying of neem oil will not only help farmers to increase the fertility of soil but also helps them get good yield.