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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fence meaning in tamil is வேலி

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Patil is scheduled to visit three border points in Dhubri district to take stock of the construction of barbed wire fence along the IndiaBangladesh border and interact with the jawans of the Border Security Force and people living along the International Border. Even when owners are aware of such dumping not many are willing to take the trouble to clean their plots and fence them in. On Monday the Union Home Minister and the Assam Chief Minister could see for themselves that a vast area of the border is still open and even the old barbed wire fence in many areas like Sonahat needed to be replaced said Mr. Legside shots There were some legside shots on view as well from him when he swung Pathan to the square fence and glanced Kumble. A twoyearold female leopard which used to stray into farms near Jayapura village about 13 km from here was trapped in a fence and died of suffocation. The trap set up along the fence of a farm situated off the main road to Heggadadevankote was intended to ensnare stray pigs. Reddy and stated that it had put up the fence around it like any other property before the compound wall construction. 2 and stated that it had put up the fence as a routine procedure before the compound wall construction. Mysoora Reddy called off his twoday roadside protest against the Governments decision to fence off the only passage leading to his house in Banjara Hills here on Monday following an appeal made by party president N. They not only staked claim to the Government land but also erected barbed wire fence effectively blocking all entry points to his house.