feminine meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
feminine meaning in tamil is பெண்மைக்குரிய

feminine meaning in tamil with example

feminine tamil meaning and more example for feminine will be given in tamil.
Sharapova wears what looks alarmingly like a nightie but that is all that is feminine to her game so aggressive it gives off fumes. Also in view of the lack of uniformity in VAT rates for feminine and infant FMCG products the chamber has urged the empowered panel to revise the rates and if need be exempt these products from VAT regime in line with CENVAT exemption. It also matches the engraved face that appeared as the frontispiece to the First Folio notably the distinctively feminine mouth. Misra urged the students to make the right choices at the right time keep priorities clear look after both family and job never suppress ones talents pursue interests be professional in approach and never lose grace and feminine nature. Lord Vishnu in the enchanting feminine form of Mohini is believed to have saved the nectar of immortality for the devathas during the legendary churning of the ocean or samudra manthan. The Hamsa Vahana will also be organised on Tuesday. A melody in marble the essence of feminine beauty has been chiselled with consummate skills by Italian sculptor Benzoni. A confidant noun feminine confidante is a person with whom one shares a secret or private matter. She recalled as to how feminine expression was projected in Telugu literature by writers of the yore. Intense classic festive and feminine but never over the top these new designs make their debut this season as an ultimate ode to feminine grace. The museum seeks to place the role of women artists in their historical perspective as well as explore the feminine principle in art as seen throughout Indian history and up to the present.