fellow meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fellow meaning in tamil is தோழன், சகா

fellow meaning in tamil with example

fellow tamil meaning and more example for fellow will be given in tamil.
Stosur also won the mixed doubles championship at the 2005 Australian Open with fellow Australian Scott Draper. As the loud speakers blared popular numbers from the latest Kannada movies such as Machchaala machchaala... the spirited young men danced to the tunes and hugged the fellow revellers and also the policemen on duty. His mind is focussed elsewhere as we know from his novels in coming to grips with the neurosis of his fellow countrymen. Arvind meets fellow Bangalorean and PSPB teammate Anup Sridhar who would be looking forward to defend his title on the home turf. M.A. Mathew associate professor of paediatrics MOSC Medical College Hospital Kolencherry has been selected for the Fellow of Indian Academy of Paediatrics. Based on the demand and requirement the KVK would impart either on campus or off campus training to the club members who in turn would transmit and disseminate them to the fellow farmers in their respective villages. The agriculture scientists from the KVK would be present at the village when the rural trainers impart training to their fellow farmers. Hwang publicly apologised on Thursday for faking data in papers published in 2004 and 2005 that purported to show his team created stem cells from the worlds first cloned human embryos but claimed he was deceived by fellow researchers. The 27yearold Kenyan testing his endurance against fellow countrymen at the 32kms mark stepped up pace after seeing Desse Mandago and Stanley Leleito tiring. They had crossed many turbulent periods in their life and confidently faced them to protect the interests of fellow people.