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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
feet meaning in tamil is காள்கள்

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You feel that you are transported back in time Taken to a picturesque village where young men work from dawn to dusk their feet caked with soil. The exclusion of a longtime performer was nothing new in the annals of Indian cricket but Gangulys exclusion was used in some quarters as a potent weapon to stow hot water under the feet of the current administrators. His ego is dissolved and doubts vanished. Delivering a discourse on Kuchelavrithom Perumpully Kesavan Namboodiri said that constant remembrance of the lotus feet of Sri Krishna purifies the heart drives away the evils and nourishes true love and spiritual wisdom. For instance the funnel lateral catapults and other areas of the ship could have been cleaned out or dismantled as could the decks 151 30000 square feet 151 without jeopardising the ships structure. Sadna Pass the only link between Srinagar and Tangdhar was closed due to heavy snowfall as three feet snow had accumulated in the area. Water level MADURAI The water level at Periyar dam stood at 133.8 feet with an inflow of 333 cusecs and a discharge of 600 cusecs. Though the Mettur dam retained its full reservoir level of 120 feet for a record 85 days hopes of the samba crop still lie shattered. The heavy inflows however enabled the dam to set a record by retaining its full reservoir level FRL of 120 feet for 85 days bettering the previous mark of 79 set in 1964. Mettur level The water level at the Mettur dam stood at 118.08 feet today. The level at Periyar dam on Sunday stood at 133.8 feet with an inflow of 333 cusecs and a discharge of 600 cusecs.