fees meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fees meaning in tamil is கட்டணம்

fees meaning in tamil with example

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The Tamil Nadu Zoo Authority had decided to hike the fees to keep up with rising maintenance and labour costs he added. Can an independent director who gets sitting fees and even a share in the profits be allowed to continue his role as a consultant. Amend KER The sammelan adopted a resolution asking the Government to amend the provisions of the Kerala Educational Rules KER which put a control on fees charged by educational institutions run by the majority community. Evidently the regular pubs and restaurants need not pay any statutory fees to the Government barring a challan for about Rs. At the same time he confirmed Ukraine would start skimming off Russian gas to cover transit fees if air temperatures in Ukraine drop below minus 3 Centigrade. Kerala is the only State where medical postgraduate students are being levied high fees while being paid a pittance as stipend. Where the user fees game has added to the numbers of the poor who cannot pay what is demanded of them. According to sources the study centres have been instructed not to sell forms or collect fees from students. The notification requested students not to pay any fees to any study centre and asked them to communicate only with the universitys Manasagangotri office. With the BCCIs gross revenue for the current fiscal likely to show a manifold rise its been said that the fees for the first class players per match from the 200506 season may touch Rs. The meeting approved a demand by the temple trust to waive the payment of fees for the armed police unit accompanying the procession.