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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
feeding meaning in tamil is உணவூட்டல்

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Service activities At Gita Bhavan poor feeding is being organised on every Monday from July 2004 onwards. She then proceeded to steal their jewellery after feeding them with food laced with sedatives near the Anna Samadhi on the Marina. The international community is convinced that such slaughter of large cetaceans has contributed little to the available knowledge on these animals and is almost entirely devoted to feeding the meat industry. Look at us men we do one thing at a time while the mom is cooking talking on the phone feeding the children and listening to the radio For a single mother with little money and no famous last name Ms. The sum would be kept in fixed deposits and the proceeds utilised for feeding the poor under the scheme. Narrating the incident the mother said she was feeding her elder son in the backyard of the house when her daughter screamed in an unusual way. Navagraha homa On the occasion of the 71st birth anniversary of Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj on January 24 the Shivabalayogi Ashram will conduct a navagraha homa purnaaahuti kumbhaabhishekam mass feeding and kalyanotsava on its premises in J P Nagar. The 33kV power supply drawn from the receiving substation will be distributed along the alignment through cable network for feeding traction as well as auxiliary loads. Every youth festival venue throws up a big challenge for the organisers in feeding the thousands of children teachers and organisers who throng the venue for days. The budget earmarked for feeding 20000 people per day for five days is Rs.8 lakhs which is lower than last years allocation.