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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
federalism meaning in tamil is கூட்டாட்சிக் கோட்பாடு

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In an important book The Supreme Court versus the Constitution A Challenge to Federalism Conceived and edited by Pran Chopra Sage New Delhi 2006 to which many distinguished public personalities and intellectuals have contributed Mr. In the Bommai case AIR 1994 SC 1918 the Supreme Court declared Democracy and federalism are essential features of the Constitution and are part of its basic structure. They are neither satellites nor agents of the Centre. Para 66 Rule by a party president under election law may be more dangerous to federalism and democracy than by an unwarranted imposition of Presidents Rule under Article 356. Sachar submitted that federalism was a part of the basic structure of the Constitution and the amendments made to the Representation of the People Act in August 2003 were unconstitutional and liable to be struck down. Somappa Professor and Chairman Department of Political Science Karnataka State Open University Mysore called upon the new generation of politicians to see the functioning of federalism through globalisation. By its successive acts the Tamil pushed federalism out of the political parameters for a solution making it more distant a political objective than it was a few years ago. He said the SLMC was committed to Empowerment of all communities through federalism or a meaningful devolution of powers established under and protected by the Constitution. The constructive way of resolving the issue is to work harder to overcome regional imbalances strengthen federalism at every level and perhaps craft a regional autonomy structure for Telangana within the State by amending the Constitution if necessary.