fearlessly meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fearlessly meaning in tamil is பயமற்ற, அச்சமற்ற

fearlessly meaning in tamil with example

fearlessly tamil meaning and more example for fearlessly will be given in tamil.
As the Supreme Court put it A person who is elected to a legislature should be free to carry on his duties fearlessly without being subjected to any kind of governmental pressure. The police have appealed to people to exercise their franchise fearlessly and not to be carried away by rumour mongers. We have to ensure that political leaders parties and processes are always available 151 fairly and fearlessly 151 to any community or group to have its grievances real or imaginary addressed and highlighted. Just as the armed forces are expected to fight the enemy without regard to their safety bureaucrats are dutybound to note down their opinions fearlessly in files. The members of the club relish this meeting as it is a forum where they can fearlessly voice their opinion on world affairs. It called upon editors and journalists in Assam to function fearlessly and extended its support to their right to practice journalism amidst the pressure tactics of those intolerant of a free press. The district administration would have to take action to enlighten the people in expressing their problems fearlessly to the authority concerned and also to safeguard their rights. Everyone has a right to move fearlessly on the roads and where there is a mananimal conflict human life must get priority. During the last year the Governments policy was to fearlessly combat terrorism and develop the economy without making terrorism an excuse to delay development said the President.