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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fauna meaning in tamil is குறிப்பிட்ட காலம் அல்ல பகுதியைச் சேர்ந்த விலங்கு

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Mr.Viswanathan said the main objective of the scheme was to increase forest cover protect environment and flora and fauna of the forests. The live plant bioresource centre on the theme touch feel and learn is expected to help the visually handicapped acquaint themselves with flora and fauna through physical sensory perception. The proposed project on 1287 hectares of land would destroy the rich flora and fauna of the Malnad region. Under DPEP students at a school in Kasaragod had mapped the entire flora and fauna in a panchayat he said. More funds will be available later for preparation of biodiversity registers the document that lists the flora and fauna of a locality. He has captured in his camera the wonders of wildlife in Bandipur Ranathambore Jim Corbett and Ranganathittu sanctuaries and other havens of flora and fauna in the country. Thelwell who took up illustration of flora and fauna as a full time job in 1989 is here for the first time he has an India connection. The MBS has got students interested in its work by presenting a set of marine fauna specimens to school laboratories. The centre has on display archived photographs press reports and information about the diverse flora and fauna of the institute. Flora and fauna Covering an area of 754 sq km the GHNP is located 30 km from the tourist valley of Kulu and 500 km from New Delhi. Several naturalist societies and research organisations have since focused on the flora and fauna of the region and presented reports of how ecologically sensitive the multiple ecosystem of the area is.