faultless meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
faultless meaning in tamil is குறையில்லாதவர்

faultless meaning in tamil with example

faultless tamil meaning and more example for faultless will be given in tamil.
Representing the Federation of Motor Sports Club of India Santosh claimed the 250cc Open Class with a faultless display. The man who speaks faultless English identified himself as George Williams and claimed he had been dumped in open waters days earlier by a British ship. He needed plenty of luck on a faultless pitch as he hit his tenth century after only two years and 30 Tests but none of the other nine have been more valuable. Therefore all the nine planets will present a faultless demeanour and benevolent aspects to the devotees. The dance drama had 14 scenes and each of the planets were portrayed individually along with the stories associated with them. Its as if Federer goes on shotmaking binges trying to get high on perfection the opponent an irrelevance as he pursues the faultless rally. Citing the reason for the faultless service DMRC officials said the Metro trains are equipped with the most advanced signalling systems available worldwide.