fate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fate meaning in tamil is விதி

fate meaning in tamil with example

fate tamil meaning and more example for fate will be given in tamil.
He said the move shows the Governments bankruptcy and expressed fears that a similar fate might befall free power supply scheme. Rao said that if the authorities demolish the Devaraja Market then the fate of the Lansedown building and Sitavilas Choultry was also doomed. So right up to the point of its demolition the French state is involved and responsible for the fate of the Clemenceau and the toxic waste aboard. Boxoffice returns of flicks to be released in the coming days will seal the fate or both old and new banners in the industry. The same fate struck Fatima Begum 33 Umath Racie Begum 32 and Shakila Amiru Nisha Begum 23 who were crippled between 19 and 21 years of age. Vasantha Kumar of the Congress with the former loudly protesting against repetition of the old story to justify Polavaram execution and the latter reminding him of the fate his party suffering due to this kind of impatience. T. Once revenue authorities issue a notification for acquiring property for widening of the road to 120 feet then their owners and tenants of Bandar Road fate is sealed. It was the host that dominated right through but a costly lapse by Karthick Rajkumar in the final moments of the game sealed the fate of the team. Otherwise they may share the fate of the storm water drains that could not withstand last seasons heavy rainfall. Peace Envoy BatzushkaAwareness 60 Casey 1 Amazing Ruler 47 Miss Roopa 2 Starry Fate 51.5 Lakshmanan 3 and Tiger Groom 51 Huzaif 4. The local Traffic Inspector Nanak Kataria switches off his cell phone every time we ring up to find out the fate of our representation.