fatal meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fatal meaning in tamil is உயிர்ச்செதம்

fatal meaning in tamil with example

fatal tamil meaning and more example for fatal will be given in tamil.
Womens plight The report expressed concern at the fatal road accidents and demanded steps by the administration to contain them and provision of information on conviction of criminals. Greepeace and three other environmental groups have tried for months to block the operation on the grounds that Indian shipyard workers are not properly protected from the hazards of working with asbestos which can cause fatal lung diseases. There has been a rise in fatal accidents a majority of them involving motorcyclists suffering head injuries in Pondicherry during the last three years. The accident took place around 1 p.m. Despite several fatal accidents people continue to cross the railway track risking their lives though a footover bridge is in place connecting either sides of the railway station and the four platforms. Alcohol is a factor in almost half of all fatal motor vehicle crashes. Do not follow too closely. The radiation emanating from large telecommunication towers would expose human beings living within the magnetic field to fatal diseases like cancer embryodisruption and changes in DNA structure. While road users have learnt to drive on bumpy and irregular roads the apprehension of the police is the frequent incidents of mishaps sometimes fatal accidents and traffic snarls during rush hours. Paul Vasanthakumar concurring with the defence submissions said the Magistrates failure to make a memorandum at the foot of the voluntary confessional statement was fatal to the case. After the official machinery and the Tirunelveli Corporation were not in a mood to repair this road even after witnessing several fatal accidents a girl student with the help of her uncle filled the potholes with the roadside blue metal and gravel sand.