faster meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
faster meaning in tamil is விரைவான

faster meaning in tamil with example

faster tamil meaning and more example for faster will be given in tamil.
151 That for one day we put aside cheap talk of hefty batting averages and faster scoring rates this era and batsmen impress us simply by arriving at the crease to face Brett Lee without a helmet. The traffic police personnel deployed at vantage points in the city would soon be provided with walkietalkie sets for faster communication. This is expected to clear the crowd faster and also ensure that the patients received treatment promptly with only the barest minimum time consumed for registration. This approach was in tune with the focus of the IT industry on the right candidates to take it through the dynamic environment where cost is given but customer expectations of improved productivity and faster delivery schedules are on the rise. The deployment will allow Alpha Bank to launch new products faster and enhance flexibility in addressing its rapidly changing customer needs iflex said in a statement here. Older but faster My first wordprocessor was faster to use and had a longer battery life than anything produced since. This is the highest ever achievement in contracts and would amount to faster development of national highways he said. This time around Kerala should fight for fund allocation towards faster electrification and doubling of track on all routes. The human body goes through certain changes at 21000 ft because there is only partial pressure in oxygen there the soldier starts hyperventilating to take in more oxygen this makes the heart pump faster to deliver more oxygen to the tissues.