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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fans meaning in tamil is ரசிகர்கள்

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The sixday festival is expected to bring fans from even neighbouring districts to a venue where they will see some of the unforgettable moments and players of world football. On the New Year day the players will interact and play tennis with their young fans on the Corporation grounds at Nungambakkam. Vishnuvardhan now working on Pattiyil with Arya in the lead spent about an hour online talking to scores of fans from Coffee connecting almost instantly with tongueincheek humour and friendly digs. The Indian ranked 176 places below Frenchman Cyril Saulnier came up with a memorable performance that would be fondly remembered by the fans who witnessed the match played on the outside court. Diehard Indian fans were seen on Tuesday making a beeline outside the Pakistani High Commission here to get visas for the first Test beginning January 13. Officials say 2000 more visas would be issued later to fans who had already purchased the tickets for the matches. So we decided to distribute 60 per cent of the tickets to those who were great supporters of the game but did not have the resources to buy tickets. All that these fans had to do was to collect their tickets totally free of cost from one of the local banks near their area. The fans members of an egroup called put together a photo session a twohour interaction with fans and cut a birthday cake for the singers son S.P. Charan. Several prominent personalities and a large number of his fans assembled at the Indoor Stadium compound in Thrissur to watch him perform the act.