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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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Varadarajan in Dindigul while senior DMK leaders fanned out to the other district headquarters for the campaign. Interfax the Russian news agency reported that the FSB had fanned out across Moscow to check other potentially suspicious rocks. Karnataka is reeling under infrastructure deficiency while the elected representatives have fanned out to various parts of the country. Eight such raths fanned out to eight panchayat unions in the district to spread the message of farm advancement among the farmers and they would be making rounds till February 27. Purushottam Reddy and others with members drawn from town planning engineering and fire service personnel fanned out in different areas. Maharashtra Government teams fanned out to farms around Pangran eight km from Navapur for culling poultry there. A team of veterinary doctors fanned out across farms and collected 108 blood samples from 18 poultry farms in the district. Before starting the drive the security personnel cordoned off the entire mall while some of them fanned out in adjoining villages to forestall any attempt by residents to resist the action. A furious MCH Commissioner Sanjay Jaju reportedly pulled up his staff for being unable to mop up revenues on time and all his field staff have now fanned out for collections. First the volunteers fanned out in groups and scanned for the roofless on the roads and took them to their headquarters at Vennamalai. Seven teams of the health and sanitation wing have fanned out in the markets in the last few days and collected 89 samples in different parts of the twin cities.