fanciful meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fanciful meaning in tamil is தடபுடலான

fanciful meaning in tamil with example

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A unique film festival began here on Saturday offering football lovers the most fanciful gift for the New Year. He conceded that at this stage such a grid seemed a fanciful idea but added that it needed to be fleshed out. Fanciful degrees They write their fanciful degrees after their names but there was nothing more to it said Prof. The attractions of amusement at the main expo at Karur include fanciful games such as dashing car busybee titanic ship sailing break dance caterpillar moonwalker Columbus revolving tower as also regulars such as the giant wheel merrygoround baby train and motor cycle ride. Much like what happened on Monday a sealed tender again fetched HUDA a fanciful price on Tuesday Rs.80000 per sq.yard for a plot. It is fanciful to think that all these will be scrapped to permit unrestricted capital flows only to prove that a full convertibility regime has arrived. It may not always be possible even for a diligent investor to see through the clutter but the real difficulty arises when company executives start believing in all the fanciful stuff themselves. Halftruths and fanciful speculation shorn of academic protocols such as footnotes can sound donnishly authoritative. Whether it is a moment of agony or ecstasy you dont need to rely on a fanciful memory or wait for ages for a rerun in a sports channel you can relive that moment and control the experience as well. The first woman banker to head Andhra Banks Metro Zone Kalpana Viswanathan proved she could do it without fanciful degrees and much fuss.