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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
famine meaning in tamil is பஞ்சம்

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He helped people overcome hunger during a famine in this region by persuading the rich to donate foodgrains to start gruel centres in the region. For instance you have often said that your experience during the Great Bengal famine shaped your interest in and work on famine. Even my sense of agony and outrage at the Great Bengal famine of 1943 to which you refer and which did strongly shake even my nineyearold mind was linked to the class pattern of mortality. Dr Appa is the seventh descendent of Sri Doddappa Gouda who had invited Saint Sharanabasaveshwara to Gulbarga when famine gripped the region in the 18th Century. Sparing a few blushes Collingwood who scored 93 spared a few blushes but such crumbs of comfort were merely a reminder that Englands oneday form is more famine than feast they said. In a stark warning issued on Friday Sir David King said a rise of this magnitude would cause famine and drought and threaten millions of lives. A fairy tale He lived in Mahatma Gandhis camp as a youngster and survived colonial oppression cyclone epidemic and famine to earn a Ph.D. in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology. His line drawings that immortalised the Bengal famine and Telangana movement by bringing to light the loot rape and murder of the working classes deserve a glance. Cotton the unmatched and towering personality in the world of engineering had played a crucial role to provide assured irrigation to thousands of farmers who were haunted by famine and floods in KrishnaGodavari delta areas by constructing barrages across the two rivers.