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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fame meaning in tamil is புகழ்

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fame tamil meaning and more example for fame will be given in tamil.
It is not known whether Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai did think of taking his characters for a global tour from the shores of Purakkad in Alappuzha when he penned Chemmeen. The cinema evolved from Thakazhis novel shot to fame across the world several decades ago. The annual fair used to be a key marketing tool for this sylvan attraction which shot to fame as the first model tourism village in the country. He was invited to the royal courts of Baroda and Mysore and soon acquired fame as a painter among kings and a king among painters. Growing up with the actors memories the young generation has hit upon an idea to fulfil a desire to erect a fitting memorial in return for the name and fame NTR brought to the village. While the filmmaker need not worry about any new kid aspiring to snatch his claim the Indian American from Poway California who won the 78th Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee Competition will now have children in Delhi competing to take a little bit of his fame closer home. I Amazing Velocity AjaadDancing Dissident 57 Ross 1 Future Fame 60 Prem 2 Romantic Count 56.5 C. Supreme form Describing drama as the supreme form of literature Peesapathi said even Kalidasa shot to fame only after he penned his magnum opus poetic dramas like Megha Sandesam Abhignana Shakunthalamu etc. He said that on the research and medical education front the Institute had earned international fame and was introducing other advanced facilities available globally. Yediyurappa said The sector expects the Government to provide good roads and infrastructure that will ensure the smooth functioning of the industry which has brought name and fame to Karnataka. Mr.