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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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Readers concerns Taking questions at the end of the lecture he said newspapers that were distant from the concerns of the readers would fade out. As the brilliance of the daylight began to fade and the sun set casting a light hue on the temple towers the oil lamps dazzled in the dark and cast a spell on the devotees. The approach road to the temple is nearly 400 metres in length and the entire stretch was lit with lamps and the imposing temple tower appeared to fade and recede into the background. The whole concept of Readers Editor will be rendered irrelevant and fade into oblivion in course of time. The annual festivals which usually last three days have over these years provided a platform for over 80 plays and popularised street theatre which was threatening to fade away. Youths trained by JCI can lead the country replacing power and moneyhungry politicians who will fade away at one point of time Mr. To ensure that the churchs history does not fade away from the memory of future generations plans are afoot to place a similar capsule in the new churchs basement. Andrew Westchester Surgical Oncology predicted that chemotherapy treatment would gradually fade away and oncologists would be dealing more with molecular agents. Would 50 years of mutual suspicion fade away with the recent steps towards cooperation by India and the United States. The sheen of the ostentatious launch of seven new Garuda services by Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation Krishna region from the city to four different destinations has begun to fade even before 24 hours of the inaugural function.