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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
factors meaning in tamil is காரணிகள்

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These can be tackled only through awareness he asserts adding population explosion poverty and illiteracy are the other factors that abet over exploitation of resources. Relatively young couples are also coming in now for infertility treatment because of many factors related to urban lifestyle Dr. I measure his strengths and weaknesses and various other factors before I choose the person who I feel can complement me he said adding that only time can tell if where his partnership with Damm will end up. Swami Ram Dev said sickness among people was caused basically due to disturbances in the harmony of the body by external factors besides irregular habits and imbalance of mind. Typically the mix of nutrients growth factors and blood serum used to keep the cells healthy is derived from animals 151 in the case of human embryonic stem cells the materials come from mouse embryos. Complex case As for the practical or technical aspects of this extremely complex case there are several disquieting factors that emerge. B.S. Selvakumar Vellore T.N. Globalisation and rapid expansion of industries without taking into consideration the environmental factors will have a telling effect if such issues are not addressed immediately. Important factors In recent years age gender and the looks of an author have become important factors in making publishing judgments. The primary requirement for establishing a safe road network is to thoroughly analyse and study the contributing factors along with the causes and circumstances that lead to accidents so that innovative methods in terms of design andor control can be developed to counter deficiencies in the system.