factor meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
factor meaning in tamil is ஆக்கூறு

factor meaning in tamil with example

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Relatively low manufacturing factor costs even on a PPP basis and the availability of highlyskilled talent acted as a catalyst. Inflows of FII funds for over 10 billion against 8.5 billion in 2004 were the most important factor behind the skyrocketing of equity valuations. At street level there is a vague sentimentality a bit of emotional manipulation a fair dollop of the consumer feelgood factor the I want to feel virtuous and consume. It is the celebrity factor that delivers this constituency 151 and that makes the likes of Bono Geldof and the filmmaker Richard Curtis into a new breed of political actor. Sushma Rama Mirashi of the BJP will be the deciding factor for the Congress and the Janata Dal S to assume power in the taluk panchayat. With the novelty factor also wearing thin with the passage of time in the coming days the queues and the chaos will make way for a system that people will feel proud to call their own said a senior official. Northeast monsoon The main factor for the comfortable water storage was of course the bountiful northeast monsoon. The passion for the local and crossbred Murrah variety cost factor and the lack of awareness among the beneficiaries about the scheme are said to be the main reasons for the poor public response. As the novelty factor has been wearing thin quickly on the new line which is the longest on the Delhi Metro network and passes through some of the most congested and commercially important areas of the Capital the teething troubles have been subsiding on their own.