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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
facade meaning in tamil is முன் தோற்றம்

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Faade retained Not only the faade of the old building has been retained but also the interior of the public hall designed in tune with the heritage significance of the GPO building. Deeply cut passages called voni paved with coarse stones in most cases lead to the faade of the edifice. Should these grandiose plans translate into reality not just the faade of the city but everything including but not limited to infrastructure will undergo a sea change. Her wiry frame and affable facade may well mask the fire within that has made Shalin Joseph worthy enough to carry on the legacy of M.D. Valsamma and P.T. Usha in the intermediate hurdles. The BJP is making the case that both the UDF and the LDF have used the development theme only as a faade while indulging in what the party calls crass casteism during the elections. During one such visit a committee member found that a showroom had been converted into a florist shop and its entire facade was changed. Just days before the Asian Development Bank ADB meeting the Government in an effort to present a better facade to the foreign delegates has issued orders directing the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad to integrate and streamline solid waste management in the surrounding four municipalities. The charge is that behind the faade of consultations with the Left which in fact are nothing more than mere informing the Congress pushes forward economic policies that are not in the interest of the people. And the Knowledge Commission with the iconic Sam Pitroda at it apex may provide it a faade of legitimacy.