extinguish meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
extinguish meaning in tamil is அணை, தணி, நாசமாக்கு, கடனை) கொடுத்து தீர்

extinguish meaning in tamil with example

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Instead of Iraq becoming a beacon of all good things it will become the single most noxious wellspring of all the bad ones the invasion was supposed to extinguish 151 and new ones to boot. Benki biddide namma manege... O bega banni Kannadada gadi kayona banni Kannadada nudi kaypona banni... Our house is on fire... rush to extinguish it and save the boundaries of the State and Kannada. Even as he managed to extinguish the fire the duo who sustained 100 per cent burns died soon after admission in the Government Rajaji Hospital. Nearly a dozen fire tenders from different parts of the city were pressed into service to extinguish the fire. It was put out by 3 a.m. Water used to extinguish the fire seeped into the first floor housing vital technical equipment including bay switch controllers. As the godown is located in a congested area it took a long time for the firemen to extinguish the fire Mr. An official of the Fire and Emergency Services Department said that on being alerted firemen rushed to the spot with Agni a motorcyclemounted water jet and tried to extinguish the fire. While persons hunting for antlers started such fires some were caused by the carelessness of smokers who forget to extinguish the cigarette butts before throwing them away. At least seven fire tenders were rushed to the spot to extinguish the fire police said adding that the operations were still on. With the help of guard Kameswaran the engine crew tried to extinguish the fire besides informing the authorities and the fire brigade.