expressly meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
expressly meaning in tamil is வேண்டுமெண்றே

expressly meaning in tamil with example

expressly tamil meaning and more example for expressly will be given in tamil.
And he expressly told the civic body not to bother about reconstruction of the sump and ramp from main road as his property was slated for reconstruction into a commercial complex. Software maintenance has been given a special treatment and is considered an Information Technology service and expressly excluded from the ambit of business auxiliary services. The practice of submitting multiple applications by the same party is expressly forbidden for two elementary reasons. For instance money laundering and evading taxes are known to exist in a system where even a fairlyeasytoperpetrate fraud such as the one involving multiple applications persists despite being expressly forbidden. Even when the Constitution or any law expressly excludes the jurisdiction of the courts they themselves determine the scope of exclusion. This follows the worldwide trend of national education and research networks acquiring or moving to acquire dark fibre expressly for education and research purposes. For an offence under section 120 B Indian Penal Code the prosecution need not necessarily prove that the perpetrators expressly agreed to do or caused to be done the illegal acts. No amendment can destroy an existing right or even place any restriction on it unless it is expressly so enacted. The Supreme Court had expressly withheld permission to raise the height of the dam unless rehabilitation measures for those affected mainly tribal families were put in place the party said in a press statement. Several Barelvi organisations have taken even more expressly Islamist postures than the Jamaat AhleSunnat.