exporter meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
exporter meaning in tamil is ஏற்றுமதியாளர்

exporter meaning in tamil with example

exporter tamil meaning and more example for exporter will be given in tamil.
Jewellery exporter SBT International Ltd on Monday said that it would acquire 100 per cent stake of Mimansa Jewellery Pvt. In a statement here Appexa secretary Dil Koshy said additional levy on the exporter was highly objectionable as basic freight consisted of all expenses incidental to carriage. Parthasarathy an exporter who recruited two executives from Sri Lanka recently says garment units in Sri Lanka follow a scientific production method. Islamism will spawn its inevitable fanatical progeny and Iraq till now mainly a magnet for panIslamic jihadists will become Afghanstyle a main exporter of them too it already is in fact as the Jordanian suicide bombings illustrated. KIOCL the countrys largest exporter of iron ore and pellets with shipments of 7 lakh tonnes of ore and 3.80 million tonnes of pellets worth around Rs. The rupee on Monday rallied against the U.S. currency on strong exporter dollar sales amid a broader weak dollar even as heavy dollar demand from corporates and importers limited gains to the minimum in erratic twoway trading at the interbank foreign exchange market. Moderate exporter dollar sales however helped the rupee to partly bounce back to 44.3839 before settling at 44.4143 at the close still sharply lower from Tuesdays close of Rs 44.3536 per dollar dealers said. It had bagged the IT Exporter Award for the year 20022003 from MAIT New Delhi and selection was on the basis of excellence in export performance track record quality best business practices and innovative human relation policies and skill development.