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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
explanatory meaning in tamil is காரணங்கூறு, சமாதனம் தொpவு

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An explanatory note issued by the University of Kerala however denied that anything out of the way was done to ensure that the said candidate passed in the examination. In an explanatory note to the notification the Government had said that it had become necessary to regulate the speed of tipper lorries for public safety as accidents involving these carriages were on the rise. Vijayachandran also inaugurated the explanatory meeting organised by Association for Environmental Protection at Aluva railway grounds. Sentences that contain an explanatory clause are something that humans can recognise but not animals researchers figured. The beautifullyillustrated book comprises seven sections The history of ayurveda The philosophy of ayurveda The body mystique Pharmacology Rejuvenation Frequentlyasked questions and Explanatory questions. The couplets along with an explanatory note will be given to a teacher or the head of the school in CD format along with a booklet. In an explanatory tone the release pointed out that while embarking on the massive exercise by reshuffling the existing five schools into seven colleges the university had kept in mind a number of critical aspects. It will draft guidelines rules and explanatory rules for the proposed law on informal dispute settlement mechanisms at the village level. Rallies planned The bank employees will hold rallies and explanatory meetings on July 27 and 28. The Corporation authorities had submitted the CDP and explanatory notes to the party leaders for their views on the socioeconomic impact of the projects proposed under the JNNURM programme.