expiration meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
expiration meaning in tamil is சுவாசம் வெளியிடுதல்

expiration meaning in tamil with example

expiration tamil meaning and more example for expiration will be given in tamil.
Since then he has been functioning in the Chennai Raj Bhavan under Article 1563 which stipulates that a Governor shall not withstanding the expiration of his term continue to hold office until his successor enters upon his office. When Mr. Procrastinators who are driven by fear usually use avoidance and have an intense desire to delay performing a task or simply wait for its expiration so that it no longer has to be dealt with. A referee will be able to use an electronic device to decide whether a shot at the basket was made before or after the table officials signalled the expiration of a periodquarter or the game itself. The Election Commission shall try to complete the election before the expiration of the fiveyear period as stipulated in Clause 5 of the Indian Constitution.