expertise meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
expertise meaning in tamil is தொழில் நுட்ப அறிவு

expertise meaning in tamil with example

expertise tamil meaning and more example for expertise will be given in tamil.
It had its chances though not many and off the three penalty corners that the team earned the expertise of Navpreet Singh was not allowed to become lethal. Discussions with China for more than doubling twoway trade have also been fruitful especially as it is felt that Chinas expertise in hardware will be beneficial to the Indian economy which has high expertise in the software sector. Also engineers and their expertise would be required in the long term perspective said the officer. Nagaraja Rao said that technology and expertise to conserve and restore a heritage monument or structure was very much available and expressed regret over the move to demolish the structure. Babu Madhavan who has expertise in disaster management launched the cell and presented a book with schoolspecific information on the subject. She will also have to use her financial expertise to balance Liberias need for massive overseas investment against the tendency of donor organisations to dictate the national interests of recipient countries. Under a memorandum of understanding MoU signed here on Thursday Scope will offer its expertise in the banking domain to Cambridge on a consultancy basis. Technical support will be provided by the Karnataka Rajya Vignana Parishat KRVP and professional expertise by Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO. The college authorities will take the initiative in providing the expertise for the overall development of the industry. The joint initiative involving expertise of all three companies called TAO The Art of Transportation will ensure 24hour onsite support backup fleet single point of contact comfort safety and low operating costs to its clients.