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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
expel meaning in tamil is வெளியேற்று

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Another legal objection was that Parliament could not expel a member as that would cut down his or her constitutionally assured term in Parliament. The Supreme Court did not hold that the Indian legislatures do not have the penal power to expel members under Article 105 3 and Article 194 3. Two other High Courts the Madhya Pradesh and Madras High Courts have taken a contrary view and held that Indian legislatures do have the power to expel their members as part of their penal jurisdiction. It is inconceivable it observed that power to suspend or expel a member of either House should be exercisable by the Courts or some other outside body. Two of the expelled Lok Sabha members 151 Narendra Kumar Kushwaha of the Bahujan Samaj Party BSP and Manoj Kumar of the Rashtriya Janata Dal RJD 151 on Tuesday moved the Delhi High Court challenging Parliaments decision to expel them from the House in the cashforquery case. At the same time none of the 11 should go unpunished by Parliament just because there is no provision in the Constitution to expel those caught accepting money for raising questions in the House. Achuthanandan to agree to the proposal and tried to expel him from the party as he did not comply with her bid. Appearing for the petitioner counsel K.S. Chauhan argued that the Lok Sabha could not expel a Member on the grounds that were not provided under Articles 101 to 103 particularly 102 of the Constitution. Desai was appreciative of Parliaments decision to expel corrupt members following sting operations and the Delhi High Courts order to pull down unauthorised structures.