exit meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
exit meaning in tamil is வெளியே, வெளிவழி

exit meaning in tamil with example

exit tamil meaning and more example for exit will be given in tamil.
But the tight marking also resulted in fouls galore which saw three Services players Phool Singh S.M. Settu and even Jaswant making their exit with five personal fouls. The year 2005 started with a political crisis that saw the exit of a relatively stable regime headed by Manohar Parrikar. However on the industrial front the State had nothing much to show with hardly any major investment coming in after it lost its competitive edge with the exit of sales tax concessions postVAT. The waiting time for darshan was reduced to 45 minutes as the authorities ensured one entry and an exit point Mr. The waiting time for darshan was reduced to 45 minutes as the authorities ensured single entry and exit points Mr. Vajpayees exit from active politics there is no leader who could guide the BJP in times of trouble. Absence of a perimeter fence multiple entries to the building existence of eateries fruit stalls banks an ATM counter and the treasury inside the Vidhana Soudha premises and free entry and exit to the adjoining Legislators Home are considered to be major security hazards. High mast lamps At a time when the Corporation has decided to change the entrance of the Mattuthavani Bus Stand because of many accidents I would say that the present entrance and exit points at the bus stand do not have enough illumination between the entrance and the exit. The armed wing of the SCIRI has been accused of fighting street battles with Sunni guerilla groups thereby threatening civil war conditions and undermining chances of an early American exit from Iraq.