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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
exhaust meaning in tamil is சொல்ல வேண்டியதை முற்றாகச் சொல், சோர்வடையச் செய், ஆற்றல் அழியச் செய்

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35000 from Vasantha Jayaraj while she was walking near her house in Ideal Homes Layout around 6.30 a.m. In July 2005 thieves removed an exhaust fan in the kitchen and entered the house of Gauri Lankesh editor of a Kannada tabloid in Ideal Homes Layout. Some of the special features of Laura were the Pumpe Duse technology which would avoid any wastage of diesel and the smoke coming out of exhaust was harmless. They urged all parties concerned to exhaust all efforts through dialogue and negotiations in their endeavour to resolve these issues as soon as possible in an amicable manner. According to the expert group the dust thrown up by road traffic is a major health hazard for city residents with a higher risk element than vehicular exhaust fumes. Addressing presspersons here on Saturday Navneet Bhatnagar General Manager sales said the company will be entering the Tamil Nadu market in a big way by launching a range of products including straight and decorative chimneys builtinovens and hobs kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans. Police said burglars entered the shop by removing the exhaust fan of the toilet at the backside of the showroom and decamped with the booty. At other times it is released into the atmosphere from working mines abandoned mines and through the exhaust system of mines leading to emission of a greenhouse gas. While the former refers to methane extracted from abandoned mines VAM ventilated air methane refers to the gas tapped from the exhaust of mine fans. To further reduce the presence of the sootforming particulates in the exhaust gas a treatment system using wet scrubbers would ensure that fly ash and heavy particles are mixed with water.