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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
exercise meaning in tamil is உடற்பயிற்சி

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But the census to be conducted from January 15 will include the stateoftheart technology devised by wildlife biologists and the entire exercise will be monitored by independent observers from the Centre and approved by the Wildlife Institute of India Dehra Dun. A secure online voting system approved by the Election Commission can help more people exercise their franchise and take the voting percentage higher benefiting democratic institutions suggested young IT professional Ashish Anand. If a remote voting option is offered such persons can also exercise their democratic rights he said. This exercise would also be ahead of the next round of UPALeft coordination meeting that could be held early January. Till a decade ago the exercise of sending the cards used to begin a week before the DDay considering the distance the cards should travel to reach the destination. Requiring 25 million megabytes of memory the Millennium Simulation a collaboration between British German U.S. and Canadian astrophysicists is the biggest exercise of its kind 151 to simulate the birth and evolution of the universe. In the next financial year there will also be separate allocation for the retrofitting project and the entire exercise is likely to be completed in the next 18 months. The day starts with our regular 30 minutes of exercise PT followed after breakfast by small arms firing to sharpen the shooting skills of troops. With so many sabhas scattered around the city and hundreds of artistes participating in the festival it becomes quite an exercise for rasikas to plan their schedules for the month.