execute meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
execute meaning in tamil is செயல் படுத்து, செயலாக்கு

execute meaning in tamil with example

execute tamil meaning and more example for execute will be given in tamil.
The Horticulture Department will execute the National Horticulture Movement scheme at an estimated cost of Rs. 3.68 crores to accelerate the growth of horticulture activities in the district this year. This landmark agreement will help execute nuclear power projects for civilian use besides leading to closer cooperation in the military and other important sectors. Nellai Thirumalairajan Chennai Terrorists often execute their attacks and their escape with utmost professionalism. We wrote to him claiming that we cannot execute the garbage clearance work in these five packages Mr. In the wake of the Corporations decision to scrap the awarded tenders the contractors said they will not execute clearance work until the contractual amount is increased. Only when he is unable to execute what he wishes would a person realise that a greater power is guiding him from within. Kalachakra Due to the delay in the release of funds for Kalachakra officials and contractors were unable to execute the works on time he alleged. They expressed reservations whether the Government would be able to execute the projects in the fixed time frame. The Government wants to execute flood relief works effectively and ensure that funds released for these works are not misused. Financial assistance The Corporation would execute this plan with the assistance from the financial agencies. Congress legislators of the region when they were in the Opposition formed into a forum and conducted a padayatra to the project site on February 8 2001 asking the Government to execute the project.