excuse meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
excuse meaning in tamil is மன்னித்துவிடு

excuse meaning in tamil with example

excuse tamil meaning and more example for excuse will be given in tamil.
But should that be an excuse to waste public moneyTake the case of greetings cards printed by Government departments. The recent changes in the AICC and the unopposed election of three Congress candidates to the Rajya Sabha from Delhi provided an excuse for the rival camps in the Congress to show their might. I suspect Graveney and Co who kindly allowed Gough to stay on to guide the young bowlers towards World Cup 2007 are glad to have the excuse to leave him in England. Policemen of U1 Kotakuppam Police Station near Pondicherry have no excuse now as equipment such as exercycle and dumbbells have been provided to them in the station itself by the Tamil Nadu Government. Let me make it clear that there is no excuse either for postponement of elections or imposition of Presidents rule. She criticised the Congressled United Progressive Alliance Government for not implementing the M.S. Swaminathan commission report. The Cold War no longer provides an excuse for intervention and the U.S. is stretched in other parts of the world. Throughout that period their missiles will continue to provide everyone else with an excuse to flout the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. Although the promise was kept to a certain extent it was not followed up seriously and the guest lecturer system is proving to be a convenient excuse for the Government for not acting in the matter he said. They might get standard excuse from the authorities for the pathetic condition of roads that it was because of the extensive dug up for water supply and sewerage scheme during the last three years.