excellent meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
excellent meaning in tamil is மிகச் சிறந்த, மேன்மையான

excellent meaning in tamil with example

excellent tamil meaning and more example for excellent will be given in tamil.
Prasannakumar said he is hopeful that such a collaborative venture with RIL may also open up excellent employment opportunities for the students. He felt at home in the Crawford Market in Mumbai not least because he had read an excellent description of it in Salman Rushdies The Moors Last Sigh. The contest between Mondal known for his attacking instincts and Ghosh for his excellent blocking capabilities was billed as an exciting matchup. The jewels are excellent and the display is very fine said Charudat Tare who came with his family from Kolhapur in Maharashtra. For those who missed out on the excellent concert the face of the three cops must have been akin to those who had in a Meerut park this past month shown the darker side of the khaki uniform. Virk explained that during the experiment stage deployment of CPOs had shown excellent results in bringing down the routine crime in the localities concerned. Fortunately for me our college has an excellent library with good books and I used to read them and prepare my own notes for ready reference. Original thinking The assessmentcumcitation said You have done an excellent job in project selection and you are well appreciated for your original thinking and innovative mind. Aravind speaks on Explore your mind to be an excellent manager Raja Muthiah Mandram 11.30 a.m. Vikaasa School V. The officials pointed out that the weather around Kalaikunda generally remained excellent throughout the year but for a brief spell of thunderstorms during FebruaryMarch.