evidence meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
evidence meaning in tamil is ஆதாரம், சாட்சி

evidence meaning in tamil with example

evidence tamil meaning and more example for evidence will be given in tamil.
Though the charges framed against them were not known yet the CBI had already claimed that it had secured some evidence of their involvement in the case. Scientists in Southampton England uncovered first evidence that the offshoot of the Gulf stream which gives the north western fringe of Europe its balmy climate is slowing down. As the deadline drew near there is evidence that most companies have been able to reconstitute their boards. Three persons were detained 151 two in Bangalore and one in Hyderabad 151 in connection with the attack on the evening of December 28 and the security agencies have found evidence of their links with AlHadees group based in Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia. The Centre in its earlier affidavit filed through the deputy secretary of the Union Ministry of Personnel and Public Grievances Jugal Kishore had claimed privilege under Section 123 of the Evidence Act refusing to disclose the letter which could jeopardise public interest. Asked whether Pakistan had any evidence to prove the allegations of Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Muhammad about Indian involvement in arming and financing Baloch nationalist rebels Ms. In its latest status report the CBCID team said the MLA and his son Karunakaran were subjected to polygraph lie detector test in the forensic sciences laboratory in Bangalore and it did not disclose any incriminating evidence implicating their complicity in the offence. It was contended that there was no historical evidence to suggest that Mangal Pandey was married or had any intimacy with the said prostitute.