everyone meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
everyone meaning in tamil is எல்லோரும்

everyone meaning in tamil with example

everyone tamil meaning and more example for everyone will be given in tamil.
151 That everyone who believes that sport must be played as if it is a matter of life and death is aware that in truth it is nothing of the sort. Karunakaran exhorted everyone to come together and overcome the problems experienced during 2005 and forge ahead. K.S. Thampi Chennai While everyone talks about intelligence detection and prevention the vital role of deterrents should not be glossed over. Does the blame extend to our entire ethical system that teaches us that everyone gets his due and that the Almighty will hopefully change society. The accident left everyone travelling in the convoy which also had mediapersons from Bangalore accompanying the Chief Minister to cover the review meeting a little disconcerted for a while. This we did and everyone rose to the task 151 the armed forces the administration the civil society and even individuals he said. Stanley Middletons Holiday which shared the 1974 Booker Prize with Nadine Gordimers The Conservationist was also rejected almost by everyone 151 including Bloomsbury and Time Warner 151 on grounds that it was not their sort of book. Suddenly everyone was talking about an ideologyfree politics even though conceptually the notion of politics not rooted in ideology however misguided or phoney is a contradictions in terms. Latha Venkatesh Malleswaram Quick action GIVEN THAT the terrorists took everyone by surprise the Bangalore Police managed to act quickly and haven taken into custody some suspects. The Minister as everyone on the dais however did when he was given gooseberry and a glass of water in a small brass water pot with a snout.