everybody meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
everybody meaning in tamil is அனைவரும், எல்லோரும்

everybody meaning in tamil with example

everybody tamil meaning and more example for everybody will be given in tamil.
Young people can act as local experts and make sure everybody does it R.I.G.H.T. The Health Minister K.K. Ramachandran has offered Government support for the programme. Panduranga Rao sent everybody into peals of laughter at a meeting held by the Utsav Organising Committee on Monday. Well everybody is scared to take risks but somebody has to bell the cat said Sunny the Kerala coach. Stating that everybody should respect the order of the court he said there was no question of deviating from that order. As the Basque country crawls towards what almost everybody in this green and hilly part of northern Spain hopes will be a definitive peace process cases such as those of Pilar Elias and Kandido Azpiazu are evidence of the unhealed wounds left by almost four decades of violence. Not just to say We are Penguin and we are inventive publishers but to remind everybody of the Penguin paperback heritage. With no such arrangement in place it is a freeforall and everybody gets caught in a jam from time to time. Right to life was inherent in the concept of socialism he said adding that the Constitution provides everybody equal opportunity. Simple life He said one of the principles of Mahatma Gandhi was that everybody should lead a simple life but the politicians by adopting opulent lifestyles have buried all the principles of Gandhiji. While pointing out that the Defence Ministry was implementing the RTI Act the Minister said if India procures anything from outside everybody is entitled to know whether the rules were followed.