ever meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ever meaning in tamil is என்றும், எப்பொழுதும்

ever meaning in tamil with example

ever tamil meaning and more example for ever will be given in tamil.
This figure went up to 26 in 1976 and there has been no looking back for the tiger ever since at least officially. In October we learned that one of the most successful killers ever had been resurrected. U.S. scientists recreated the Spanish flu strain responsible for the global pandemic of 1918 which killed around 50 million people. The movement of financial data among banks between banks and their clients and among people is likely to become more fast efficient and less prone to errors than ever before Mr. The monthlong dry spell in most parts of Kashmir ended on Sunday with the first ever snowfall in hinterland. During the month of December2005 VPT handled 55.01lakh tonnes of traffic the highest ever handled by any major port in the country in any month. Having never really left behind the little boy who would pick up helpless animals and birds from where ever he found them Vivek confesses that it was his cousin Venu who sowed the seeds of love for the environment in him. More instructively he remains the only leader to have ascended the Delhi gaddi without ever having championed the cause of the poor a prerequisite in our inherently unequal and iniquitous society. Sick However the calf failed to develop immunity and remained sick ever since it was shifted to the zoo. Senior meteorologists say it is premature to say whether the monsoon was the heaviest ever recorded in the State. Those who support the Tamil should think of the consequences if ever the group with its aggressive agenda and contempt for dissent comes to power in Sri Lankas Tamil provinces.