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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
events meaning in tamil is கலாச்சார நிகழ்ச்சிகள்

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While the Congress which was then in the Opposition tried to project the issue as a fight between the communal BJP and a secular Congress the events that followed revealed that the crossover by many MLAs was in sheer pursuit of power. It is hardly a remarkable piece of fiction and as Muthammal herself says the book is just a spontaneous recollection of the events that made her life what it is. There were reports that the Andhra Pradesh State Wide Area Network was hacked by ISI agents and important data including the security operations planned by the Government for the forthcoming major national and international events at Hyderabad were accessed. Various cultural events will be held on each day during the festival at the main venue Collectorate maidan. Recalling the events which led to the formation of SDV he said that an operator in Muralinagar had suddenly hiked the monthly rental from Rs.100 to Rs.175 and the residents association suggested that he could peg the hike at Rs.150 to prevent an undue burden on the common people. Manjula Secunderabad Heightened security measures are needed at all times not just in the aftermath of events such as the IISc shooting. The city began limiting the size of events there in 1997 but a move to formalise the limit did not take place until 2004. Rajasekhara Reddy has said that the State Government is fully prepared to utilise the forthcoming global events in Hyderabad to propel the State into a new sphere of development mode. Reddy said the President and the Prime Minister would be participating in prestigious events like the Indian Science Congress Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas.