ethical meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ethical meaning in tamil is ஒழுங்குநெறி

ethical meaning in tamil with example

ethical tamil meaning and more example for ethical will be given in tamil.
Does the blame extend to our entire ethical system that teaches us that everyone gets his due and that the Almighty will hopefully change society. It called for responsible and ethical media reporting which protects the dignity and privacy of all people. The modern trends and impact of western culture is leading to fall of moral and ethical values in the society and asked people not to ape the West. Once the inquiry report comes action will be taken against those responsible for violating the ethical norms and other issues Dr. During the past few years people had been voicing ethical concerns regarding the application of technology and had been striving to strike a balance between what could be done and what needed to be accomplished through the use of technology. Structured around the Earth Charter a declaration of ethical principles for building a just sustainable and peaceful global society the exhibition features three panels giving a blueprint a concrete breakdown of what the elements of a sustainable future should be. Richards described as an unabashed multimillionaire dismissed the idea that serious academic work and business could not go together 151 or that it involved too many ethical compromises. Many people interpret the lack of decent work opportunities as the absence of an ethical compass in policymaking. According to Darryl Macer of UNESCO the seminar would examine how to apply ethical traditions to some of the new challenges facing humanity. Law teachers have the responsibility of imparting ethical and humanitarian values in students the former Chief Justice R.C. Lahoti has said.