era meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
era meaning in tamil is வரையறுக்கப்பட்ட காலம் கால வரையறை

era meaning in tamil with example

era tamil meaning and more example for era will be given in tamil.
The agreement on South Asian Free Trade Area SAFTA comes into effect from January 1 ushering in an era of free trade in goods among the seven SAARC membercountries. Deputy Commissioner T.K. Anilkumar said here on Friday that there is a need to promote reading which is disappearing in the era of information technology. Email era Many youngsters feel by just a click of the mouse people can send greetings to as many people as they want all around the world. A n era of huge public happenings on Central Parks grandest open space the Great Lawn has come to a quiet end. Even after allowing for the fact that the novels in question were published in a different era and that literary tastes have changed dramatically since then the episode tells us something about how publishing decisions are made these days with attention focussed solely on marketing. He observed that the ancient preaching of Nagarjuna was very much relevant in this era of globalisation. VAT era yet to begin Though the State introduced valueadded tax VAT on April 1 2005 its benefits have not been passed on to consumers. The endofideology debate got a fillip after Francis Fukuyama published his The End of History thesis arguing that the political upheaval in the Communist world in the late 1980s signalled an end to the era of competing ideologies. The party that will achieve victory in the postSharon era will be the one most able to credibly reflect the concerns of that consensus. It gave stars of the past a chance to come out of the pages of history and relive the golden era when Indian football was at its best.