equivalent meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
equivalent meaning in tamil is சமன், நட்டஈடு, மாற்றீடு

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equivalent tamil meaning and more example for equivalent will be given in tamil.
With the danger of being labelled the tennis equivalent of the weather bureau it looks like Ljubicic will have it easy till the semis where he could meet Paradorn Srichaphan who would have to contend with Rainer Schuettler in the quarters before that. This means the productivity of every MIT graduate is equivalent to the productivity level of nearly one lakh Indians he added. His ability to mobilise peasants and tribal people as volunteers to fight against the British was equivalent to the Mahatma Gandhis success in mobilising the people across the country to support the struggle for Independence Dr. Gowda had been appointed on contract basis as no other official with equivalent qualifications was available for the post. At a press conference here the Kerala Congress Secular officebearers said the State Government has ceased to be a force and was equivalent to a caretaker Government. They give away sweetened milk or payasam bronze utensils and also idols of Brahma Vishnu and Maheswara as it is said such charity is equivalent to giving away the entire planet of the earth. Tourism Minister K.C. Venugopal who also spoke at the meet observed that with regard to development the coastal areas in the State were equivalent to tribal areas. The Employment Guarantee Scheme had become an Act now and through this money equivalent of daily wages lost would be paid to those below poverty line if the Government fails to provide job for 100 days he said at a press conference here on Sunday. The Tamil Nadu Chief Ministers Constabulary Medals announced on the occasion of Pongal will be presented to 1500 police personnel in constable head constable and equivalent ranks.