equity meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
equity meaning in tamil is சம அந்தஸ்து, சம உரிமை, நேர்மை

equity meaning in tamil with example

equity tamil meaning and more example for equity will be given in tamil.
Sensing the great demand for these because of their attractive features such as insurance cover scope for tax relief and gains from a booming equity market life insurance companies and mutual fund houses have come out with different products to suit investor needs. Some insurance companies have launched capital guarantee plans where a predefined minimum sum is assured on maturity or death irrespective of the performance of equity markets. Inflows of FII funds for over 10 billion against 8.5 billion in 2004 were the most important factor behind the skyrocketing of equity valuations. It is roughly estimated that about 38 per cent of the equity capital of the listed companies is owned by FIIs and in quite a number of cases the stake is even 49 per cent and above where such large holdings have been permitted by the Central Government and the Reserve Bank. This brings us to the intimate relations between law and equity and their respective rules in the development of a legal system. What is important is that the judge should know that both law and equity are integral parts of a whole that each has a necessary function to fill in the administration of justice and that the perfect development of the law depends largely upon their harmonious cooperation. The beauty of equity lies in its flexibility in its response to values and a delicate sense of proportion. Noting that the UPA was committed to increasing public investment and flow of credit to the farm sector he said the key to addressing growth with equity in this country was agriculture.