equal meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
equal meaning in tamil is சரிசமமான

equal meaning in tamil with example

equal tamil meaning and more example for equal will be given in tamil.
Rajiv Sunu said that the merging opportunities are in front end partnerships and alliances and are based on equal partnerships and recognition of mutual strengths. The sum assured will now be equal to 0.5 times the policy term multiplied by the annual premium or five times the annual premium whichever is higher on nonsingle premium products. For a singlepremium policy the cover will equal 125 per cent of the premium against around 100 per cent cover offered by some companies. He said there were about 10 hills in Tambaram and each of them had an equal number of lakes in its vicinity. If the BJP decides to support Congress in the zilla panchayat the party can seek the latters support in Turuvekere Taluk Panchayat where the two parties have an equal number of members. Continuing his fine run Parimarjan Negi proved equal to Serbias Grandmaster Milos Pavlovic in the fifth round of the Hastings Masters chess tournament and shared the lead with seven others in Hastings United Kingdom on Sunday. The PWDS managed to network 400 doctors from Government and private sectors and an equal number of volunteers to provide free treatment to the affected. The Society for Disability and Rehabilitation Studies has welcomed the Union Cabinet approval for the National Policy on Disability which marks a departure from earlier such policies as the thrust in it is on ensuring equal opportunities rehabilitation and prevention facilities to the disabled. In a statement the honorary president of the Society G.N. Karna said that under the policy approved this past week the Union Government is poised to set in place a mechanism to ensure equal opportunities for the disabled.