endorse meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
endorse meaning in tamil is வழிமொழி

endorse meaning in tamil with example

endorse tamil meaning and more example for endorse will be given in tamil.
In stead of a confrontation if they opted to either regulate the mobile eateries or ask them to shift to a more hygiene place it would amount a tacit approval of their business the municipal officer said and added that the Municipal Council did not endorse it. It will be good if it can get any national political party to endorse its agenda 151 it has expectations from the Bharatiya Janata Party led by Rajnath Singh 151 but if not it may set up independent candidates in polls. But only a few will endorse his view that Western societies do not know how to provide space for difference to exist as difference. Even now Western societies are much better than many others in accommodating differences. While empathising with the hurt sentiments he said COVA could not endorse the way some protesters targeted the property of innocent individuals. To endorse action The executive committee is expected to endorse the action taken by Mr. To endorse action The executive committee is expected to endorse the action taken by Mr. Interestingly after a Supreme Court observation in 2004 the MCD has passed a resolution to withdraw the 1963 notification recommending to the Delhi Government to endorse the viewpoint of the Corporation. Samuel Lawrence Madurai T.N. Children are increasingly being used in commercials whether or not the product they endorse is of use to them. Bush said he favoured removing U.S. visa restrictions for highly educated people 151 something India has sought 151 but suggested that New Delhi in turn lift its investment caps. The President declined to endorse Indias push for a permanent U.N. Security Council seat.